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-{{ :​wiki:​dokuwiki-128.png?​120|Docuwiki}} ​ 
-Welcome to this special Docuwiki for AMP, the Activist Media Proxy+Welcome to this special Docuwiki for AMP.{{ :​amp_logo_bigger.png?​300|}}
-For now we are looking at some basic tools to support the development ​of this new projectplatform ​to accommodate activist ​media resourcesfoster creative collaboration ​and strategic development,​ a proxy for those seeking ​to release media for review, acknowledgement ​and archiving.+AMP is an archive ​of activist media in videophotograph and written form. It is also an online ​platform ​where media can be storedannotated, sorted ​and re-presented ​to support social ​and environmental justice movements.
-[[|{{ http://​​png/​icon256.png?​150| }}]]+The objective of AMP is to preserve activist media and facilitate different processes for individuals and groups to collaborate on: 
 +  *  shared readings of histories ​  
 +  *  ongoing and future campaigns ​  
 +  *  providing support of core participants in the Undercover Policing Inquiry 
-The [[https://​|AMP]] version of media database system is active now. Please setup your account to investigate upload and annotation of your videoaudio and text media files. A growing collection of activist video is already available to review and experiment with. Additional guidance available ​[[​wiki/​pandora|here]] and [[​wiki/​HowTo|here]]  +AMP’s online repository is [[https://​|]], it's physical base is the [[|MayDay Rooms]] and it is supported by [[|SPC]]
-AMP is using a [[https://​​crabgrass/​user-documentation-index-v0-0|{{https://​​theme/​riseup/​images/​crabgrass.png}}]] ​project ​space at [[|{{https://​​theme/​riseup/​images/​riseup.png}}]] where operations are coordinated,​ members can access and edit files there. More recently we have been trying out Etherpad and [[http://​​6080/​shared/​aH1qUurPaaTAcMXhThwJYpoDAutiXG42kZPJAI66Bdz|Chat]] using [[​6080|Sandstorm]] on a server hosted at [[http://​|Maydayrooms]]. ​+The initiatives and work of AMP would not be possible without the work of volunteers, be they individuals,​ campaigning groups or NGOsThe participating groups shape the activities and focus of AMPThe MayDay Rooms provide advice, guidance and facilities for long-term storage of archival materials. AMP is not a live-streaming service; it does not host raw materials which can be used to incriminate activistsAMP is a Copyleft ​project. 
 +{{ :amp_search_the_archive.png?300|link="​"}}
-Any questions at all, please get in contact+If you have materials to donate or would like to be involved ​in working on AMP, email us:
-[[some:notes]] | [[some:contact]] | [[some:overview]] | [[some:support]] | [[some:navigation]]+You can find a some great how-to guides from friends who are using the same software below  
 +    * basicshttps://​​wiki/​PictorialHowTo 
 +    * upload materialshttps://​​wiki/​UploadPadma  
 +    * making annotations:​ https://​​wiki/​manualAnnots  ​
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